Saturday, January 1, 2011

Abang Nik Ride Di Jepun

Penyakit Yang Boleh di Rawat Oleh Homeopathy dan Akupunktur

Diseases that can be treated with Homeopathy and Acupuncture

Penyakit Yang Boleh di Rawat Oleh Perubatan Homeopathy dan Akupunktur seperti foto diatas. Antara penyakit yang sesuai ialah:

Buasir ( piles), gastric ( gastrik )., jari dan tangan mengeras ( carpal tunnel syndrome ), sakit sendi tulang ( gout and arthritis ), migrin, masalah pendengaran ( tinnitus atau bunyi dalam telinga ),

The Best of Sonata Hyundai 2011 Model

Dynamic Duo

Sonata engineers decided that instead of creating a 4-cylinder and a 6-cylinder option like the competition, that they would simply get more power out of a better, fuel-efficient 4-cylinder engine. The result is two of the most revolutionary engines available.

The Sonata’s 2.4L Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine is the most powerful naturally aspirated 4-cylinder in its class. Delivering up to 200 horsepower and 186 pound-feet of torque, the 2.4L gets a segment-leading 35 miles from every gallon of gas. This allows it to meet Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) standards, and in some states, a version even qualifies for Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (PZEV) status.
The Sonata 2.0T is a game-changer. This 4-cylinder twin-scroll turbo pumps out 274 horsepower and 269 lb.-ft. of torque—more than the V6 Camry, Accord and Altima. And at 33 MPG, blows them all away on fuel economy as well. Why spring for an expensive, less-economical V6 when you can get more power and better MPG with the 2.0T?


Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (D-CVVT) allows each engine intake and exhaust valve to be controlled independently, minimizing emissions and offering substantial gains in power. Paired with the Sonata Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI), they optimize the air intake and boost torque, allowing the 2.4L Theta engine to be miserly with fuel, but not with performance.

Twin-Scroll Turbo
The manifold and turbine housing of the Sonata 2.0T twin-scroll turbo is one cast stainless steel piece. This highly advanced design helps minimize lag and is lighter than a conventional turbo engine. Specifically engineered to recover even more energy from the exhaust than a single-scroll turbocharger, the Sonata’s turbo improves combustion efficiency, and provides low-engine-speed efficiency.